MPG HLL Profile

The MPG HLL is dedicated to develop, process and provide commercially non-available state of-the-art semiconductor radiation detectors for advanced experiments. Specially focusing on high energy, material and astrophysics research. From the very first detector concept followed by simulation, design, electronics implementation and testing, our technology is tailored to the special requirements of specific and challenging detector applications. Important features are in particular the ability to build wafer size defect free double sided detectors on ultrapure silicon. We are one of the few places in the world where a monolithic integration of electronics into the detector fabrication process (signal processing, first amplification) has successfully been solved without degrading the detector performance.

We are situated at the Siemens campus in the Neuperlach district of Munich, our facilities house a class-ISO3 clean room measuring about thousand square meters, comprising our silicon fabrication area, our mounting area as well as test facilities for electrical and spectroscopic measurements.

End of 2023 we will be moving into our new building located in Garching on IPP campus. New facility will provide thousand five hundred square meters of clean room area up to the class ISO3. With the move to the new building MPG HLL will also expand activities becoming a part of Munich Quantum Valley and its Quantum technology part. We will mostly focus on integrated photonics and vertical interconnection in the photonics integration.

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