The Fast Small Pixel Cameras - The Next Generation

In cooperation with the Max Planck for Intelegent Systems we are developing a new pnCCD camera system for scanning X-ray microscopy primarly at MAXIMUS (MAgnetic X-raY Microscope with UHV Spectroscopy ) microscope.

The FSP TNG (The Fast Small Pixel Camera -The Next Generation) camera is a pnCCD based detector system using a fully depleted, backside illuminated 1 k x 2 k pnCCD as sensitive element. Standard use case is the split frame, frame store operation providing a field of view of 1k x 1k pixels of 36 μm size. Depending on the target noise requirement, framerates of 400 Hz and more will be achieved in this mode. In addition, it will be possible to operate in a large variety of operation modes including fast windowing modes. The system will have integrated power supplies and will run from a single 12 V supply. It will have an integrated controller based on a state-of-the-art Xilinx SoC, which will allow for comprehensive housekeeping, intelligent sequencing and user-defined data preprocessing functionality. Output data to mass storage will be provided as UDP data stream using dual 10 GBit Ethernet optical link. It will be controlled by a single PC via a standard GBit Ethernet connection. For the system design, a modular approach was chosen. Most components will be designed to be interchangeable in order to ease maintenance and speed up repair time, thus reducing instrument downtime.

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